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Our barristers are regularly instructed in this specialised area of law. We offer professional advice and representation to parents, carers and guardians. Members of Chambers often sit as Legal Advisers to Independent Appeals Panels, which allows them to have particular insight into the most persuasive arguments and presentation to win your appeal. We undertake cases involving:

  • Primary and Secondary School Admissions Appeals for all types of state schools including Local Authority schools, Academies, Foundation schools, Voluntary Aided schools, Voluntary Controlled schools and Faith schools.

  • infant class size appeals

  • Grammar and selective school appeals.

  • Exclusion hearings before Governing Bodies.

  • Exclusion Appeals to the Independent Appeals Panel.

  • Special Education Needs.

  • Disability Discrimination.

  • Educational negligence.

  • Complaints regarding Colleges and Universities, involving both internal complaints procedures and the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

  • Other matters involving Education Law at all levels of courts, tribunals and panels.


Our barristers can meet you, discuss the merits of your case and analyse the strongest points either in Chambers or at a venue convenient to you. We can draft your grounds of appeal to put before a Governing Body or Independent Appeal Panel, and advise what supporting documentation is necessary. We also offer a specialist advocacy service. This means we attend the hearing with you, present your case, help you to provide information to the panel, and challenge the School’s/Local Authority’s case. It will include a short conference before and after the hearing to explain the procedure and answer any questions you have.

If your hearing or appeal is unsuccessful we can advise on the procedure, time limits and chances of success of:

  • A complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman (for maintained schools).

  • A complaint to the Secretary of State (for academies).

  • Judicial Review by the High Court.


Many of our Members of Chambers accept work under the public access scheme. This means you can come to us direct, without incurring the extra costs or delay of also instructing a solicitor. We can provide a service individually tailored to your needs, either to help you prepare properly for a hearing and/or to attend and represent you at the hearing. Fees can be agreed in advance and fixed at a level to suit your needs and budget. All the work on your case will always be done by a qualified, experienced and insured barrister. We offer a bespoke service which is specialist, accessible and finically highly competitive.

Local Authorities and Schools


Our barristers regularly accept instructions for advice and representation from schools, academies and admissions authorities. They van advise in conference, prepare bundles and supporting documentation and provide high quality advocacy. We also have many experienced Legal Advisers who work for both Local Authorities and academies.

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